The older children (year 7+) used to meet up 6-7.30 pm on the first Sunday of the month.  We shared a meal, and then joined in various fun activities or watched a video clip and had a debate.  Sometimes we had other events like fundraisers, Christmas parties, chip shop walks and cardboard campouts. Below are a couple of examples.  Unfortunately due to lack of numbers, Rock Solid is not currently running.

Body of Christ

Wstarted with a fun game of foot Pictionary.  Then we played a version of “pin the tale on the donkey” that showed us how the hands need the eyes/mouth. Next we thought about what we were good at and how we could serve others with those talents, making a shortbread body part to represent it e.g. good listeners made ears, good helpers made hands, errand runners made feet. We put the parts together to make quite an interesting body, before eating him! 

Secret Church

We met secretly, early in the morning, in an upper room. We made crosses out of sticks. Each of us had a 

“secret identity” matching a real persecuted Christian and we told our stories. We heard the story of Eon a little girl who told her teachers that her parents had a bible and never saw her parents again. Then we prayed for our persecuted Christians and shared bread and wine together. We tried to memorize bible verses written on stones. A delivery of “sock bibles” arrived – tiny bibles that could be hidden in our socks. At the end we had a raid  by the secret police who took away our leader.

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