• Messy Church – Sunday 10th May

    5th May 2020

    We would love to see you at our  Zoom Messy Church this Sunday.   If you would like to have a go at the craft, please click here for instructions. You might like to try the craft before Sunday, then show us the results!  Warning – It’s addictive! A zoom link will be sent out via email and posted on ...

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  • Family Fun Ideas – Doubting Thomas

    17th April 2020

    Did you know that all the research suggests that if faith is grown within the home, the chance of losing faith for a young person will be lowered. Doubting Thomas After Easter, Jesus appeared to his disciples, except Thomas. They tried to tell him what they had seen but he didn’t believe them. Ever since he has ...

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  • Sunday – Family Fun Ideas

    11th April 2020

    Easter Sunday – Jesus has risen! Activity: Easter egg hunt – chat about why we celebrate Easter with hollow eggs. How the egg represents the empty tomb but also symbolises new life. Discuss:  How has Jesus’ resurrection changed the world?  Will you let it change you? Here is a short video for children: https://vimeo.com/channels/1551170/397067880 Activity: For older children and adults: Do you struggle ...

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  • Saturday – Family Fun Ideas

    10th April 2020

    Saturday – when Jesus body lay in the tomb Activity: wrap someone in toilet paper, but be sure to save it for use later!  Think how Jesus’ body and cloth was anointed in a lot of oils and spices and how the women at the tomb, discovered the grave clothes left behind, with the head cloth folded ...

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  • Friday – Family Fun Ideas

    9th April 2020

    Good Friday – the day Jesus was crucified Activity: make this crown of thorns bracelet from wire and string.  Can you wear it until Easter Sunday? Activity: Bang some nails into a piece of wood, in the shape of a cross, then thread some wool around the nails. Activity: Paint your hands red and make a handprint cross ...

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  • Thursday – Family Fun Ideas

    8th April 2020

    Maundy Thursday – The Last Supper Activity: Make your own bread (or soda bread) and talk about the last supper while you share it. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/simple-soda-bread Here is a mini service from Messy Church that you could use which includes candles, prayers, a scavenger hunt and memory game. https://www.messychurch.org.uk/resource/breaking-bread-fun-family-prayer-time?utm_source=Messy+Church&utm_campaign=5438b315c3-mc_apr20&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f2d70c7e51-5438b315c3-314796733&mc_cid=5438b315c3&mc_eid=93701ce6d8 Discuss: How weird do you think it was for the disciples to be ...

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  • Wednesday – Family Fun Ideas

    7th April 2020

    Activity: Play charades and see how many parables you can remember. Here are a few: the sower, mustard seed, hidden treasure,  pearl, unmerciful servant, workers in the vineyard, tenants, wedding banquet, 10 virgins, new wine in old wine skins,  wise and foolish builders, good Samaritan, friend at midnight,  unfruitful fig tree, lost sheep, lost coin and ...

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  • Tuesday – Family Fun Ideas

    6th April 2020

    Activity: Make a perfumed massage oil and give each other foot massages.  Talk about how a women used her very expensive perfume to anoint Jesus’ feet and then wiped it away with her hair. Discuss: Why were some of Jesus’ followers angry with her, but Jesus wasn’t?

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  • John’s Daily Reflections for Holy Week

    6th April 2020

    Here are the audio recordings of John reading his daily reflections for Holy Week. Listen, reflect, and pray. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Maundy Thursday morning Maundy Thursday evening Good Friday Easter Sunday

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  • Monday – Family Fun Ideas

    5th April 2020

    Jesus said: “My Father’s House is a house of prayer but you have turned it into a den of thieves!”  . Activity: Make a prayer station in your house You could add a candle, prayer dice (if you have one), a cross, a photo of grandparents or NHS worker, flowers in a vase, bible, picture of Jesus ...

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