Dear all,
 As you may know, at Harvest Festival our gifts of food usually go to the Porch centre for the homeless in Oxford.  With Christmas approaching, which can be especially hard for the homeless and vulnerably housed, The Porch is making plans to make the “festive season” as good as possible for the Members. Apart from special meals, everyone attending on the 25th will be given a present. We have been approached to ask if we might like to help with contributing towards small Christmas gifts.  If you would like to help, The Porch have provided a list, which I have copied below.

 Any donations can be left in the food bank box in our church porch and I will separate these out from the foodbank items.  We will take any items donated before Christmas.

 Many thanks,

 Personal products (Deodorant, shower gel, shampoo/conditioner)
Underwear (Male & Female)
Flasks/Water bottles
Torches (and batteries)
Pac a Macs
Hot water bottles

 Bars of chocolate

For health and safety reasons, it is very important that the donated items are new and unopened.