This Sunday Messy Church will be back at Chearsley Village Hall (outside).  We still can’t offer you food, but if you bring a picnic and blanket, we would love to sit and eat “together” at the end.

Our theme is “Toilet Twinning” so we will be doing lots of crafts and games based on toilets!

  • Can you lob a loo roll into a loo?
  • Throw a dice and race to build a compost loo
  • Make poo out of Weetabix, then plop it into the compost loo, adding sawdust to stop the smell
  • Play a memory game with all the bathroom items we take for granted
  • Get messy with toilet paper and glue as we make a collage together
  • Hear the story of Rachel, a schoolgirl from Africa, whose life was transformed by a toilet.
  • Write your prayers graffiti style on the back of a toilet door
  • Spend  a penny – can you get your pennies into the glass jar

We would love to raise £60 to twin our toilet with one abroad.  This will give us a photo of our twinned loo and its GPS co-ordinates so we can look it up on a map.  So, please bring all those pennies that are lying around your house.

We will still need to be in bubbles on picnic blankets, but can be a bit more relaxed about socialising and moving around.

Please let know if you think you can make it.

It’s free, family, friendship, faith and fun!