Lenten Giving

With schools once again closed due to the pandemic, it is clear that many students still do not have access to a computer, laptop or data, and this lack of access to digital technology for all pupils, is demonstrating existing inequalities in households. You can go a little way towards helping some of our local young people this Lent, by making a donation to:

3 Villages Lent Appeal

Lent is not just a time for “giving things up”, but for simply “giving” too!
All funds raised will be donated to Mandeville School in Aylesbury, and
spent on IT support for students in need of assistance.

Please make online payments to Alicia Howard  20 74 09  50983772
referencing your payment LENT or cash/cheque in envelopes clearly
marked LENT to Great Barn, School Lane, Chearsley.

Many thanks,
Alicia (Churchwarden at St Nicholas’ Church, Chearsley)