Now that public worship is once again allowed, we are delighted to announce that we will be holding a Messy Church this Sunday (July 12th) at 4pm until 4.30
Of course, it won’t be able to look the same as we will still need to follow social distancing guidelines.
Instead it will look like this:
  • Book your place on Facebook by saying “I’m going” to the event (as we can only safely fit 10 households (or bubbles) in the space)
  • Turn up at Chearsley Village Hall, with a picnic blanket, a tray (you will need a flat surface) a sharp knife (for cutting an apple) and a small snack to eat during the blessing at the end
  • We will have prepared “craft bags” 3 days in advance and positioned them socially distanced on the grass
  • Pick up one of the craft bags and lay out your picnic blanket in its place, ensuring that you are 2m from the next household.
  • Please stay on your picnic blanket for the duration of Messy Church (we will limit it to 30 minutes as we know it will be hard to keep children from wandering around)
  • The rules about socialising with 6 people or two households still apply, so please do not wander around to chat to people
  • Richard and I will lead the craft and worship from the front, trying to keep your children engaged the whole time
  • If you need to use the loo in an emergency, there will be hand sanitiser available to use before you go in to the building and we ask you to wash your hands before you come back out
  • If it rains, we can go indoors, but may need to have less households.
We realise that this is very different to a normal Messy Church and you may not feel ready to attend an event like this, or feel that it will be too difficult to keep your children contained on a picnic blanket for 30 minutes. If that is the case, we will try and catch up with you some other way, and look forward to seeing you at a “normal” Messy Church as soon as is safe.