Our benefice youth group Rock Solid, met on Sunday and thought about some of the characters in the Easter story. As part of this, they wrote prayers and I was so impressed, I wanted to share them with you.

Dear God, I pray for all parents, like Mary, that have lost children.  May you remind them that you are always with them, and  help them to grow in their faith so they find comfort with you.  Give them strength to live their lives to the full and may you shine through them, so they can show others you are an unfailing, strong source of comfort. Amen.

Dear Lord,  we pray for all those like Joseph of Aramathea who have a lot to lose, but take risks to help people in need. Who use their wealth and risk their lives and positions to help others.  Amen

Dear God, please help all those who are struggling after the loss of somebody close to them like Mary, Jesus’ mother. Help them to realise that now they can live forever with you in heaven. Amen

Lord, please  help people suffering from the loss of a family member or a person close to them like how Mary lost her son Jesus. We hope they get through the suffering and find happiness  in other places.  Amen.

Father God, we pray for those like the soldier at the cross, who do injustice in the name of freedom, for money or who are forced to do such in times of war. We pray that you bring them hope of a better life, a life without killing.  Amen

Dear Lord, I pray for people who are struggling with bereavement like Mary’s mother did.  Especially those who have lost loved ones due to the corona virus. Amen