On Sunday, our youth group, Rock Solid, held a secret church.  They pretended to be persecuted Christians meeting in secret to worship.  They had a 2 minute warning when they had to remove all evidence of Christianity from the room – Bibles went up jumpers, crosses were hidden under bowls and they pretended to be worshiping the North Korean leader instead of God.  They told the story of the resurrection without saying the name “Jesus”.  They decorated stones with bible passages, which we photographed and sent via the Open Doors charity to persecuted Christians in the middle east.

Then they wrote really thoughtful prayers.

Please God help the persecuted Christians in North Korea. Help the oppressive regime to be overturned to Christians may live without fear.

Dear Lord, please help people in North Korea worship God freely and pray for people in labour camps to be set free. Also help parents be able to tell their children and help them teach their children about God and allow them to pray without hiding it. Amen

Lord, share this message with the persecuted. We are with you, just as you are with us. We stand for you and your faith just as you stand for us.  We pray to you that our faith is held strong, that it is accepted throughout the world, and that those who are persecuted shall stay strong in both physiology and in faith. Amen.

And finally, a “prayer map”.